It would be an understatement to say that the medical industry is being heavily challenged by the impact of COVID-19. The demand for PPE in hospitals, medical centers, urgent care facilities, etc. has exceeded the capabilities of current supply chains.

It is our mission to help alleviate the burden that our nation is facing. We are committed to supplying quality PPE that meets the needs of the multitude of industries impacted today. 

Our partners have vast experience in manufacturing hard goods overseas. As a direct response to this crisis, we have assembled all of our resources to increase the supply of the vital equipment needed to keep our nation safe.

Coast PPE is registered with the FDA to import medical devices. Also and importantly, all of our medical use PPE factories are FDA and CE certified. They maintain the highest standards and test every product before it is released.


Our long time business partner in China monitors each factory's production before the goods leave the facility. Additionally, our family-owned business of over 40 years, Dedola Global Logistics, oversees all documents and certificates to guarantee transportation and customs compliance are completed for importation. DGL has an office in Shanghai and partner offices all over Asia that keep up to date with all export and importation requirements and ensure the legitimacy of goods. 


Our expertise in manufacturing and international logistics allows us to confidently offer PPE you can rely on.

We are immeasurably grateful for the dedication and hard work the front-line workers are putting in to serve our country. Thank you, doctors, nurses, first responders, and all supporting staff.


Eric Dedola